Life changes. So should your estate plan.

Creating an Estate Plan: Are You Prepared for the Future?

If an unforeseen event were to affect you or a family member today, would you be ready for it? Thinking about this serious topic is difficult, but important. Because preparing for your future (and your family’s future) is one of the simplest—yet most important—things you can do. 

No matter your specific situation or net worth, there are several good reasons why an estate plan is essential to your overall legal and financial well being. An estate plan deals with a variety of issues, from your personal healthcare to your family’s future to distributing your assets. Whether you’re single, married, divorced, remarried or widowed, you need to plan ahead. 

Attorney Morrison offers customized “Estate Planning Legal Packages” designed for every phase of life: an independent individual who has begun to acquire assets, the married family planning for college educations, the divorced parent surviving the financial breakup and a widowed spouse who is contemplating a nursing home. 

Be prepared. Get the information you need to make critical decisions today that will impact tomorrow. Whether you need an estate plan created from scratch or you need to update your outdated plan, contact an experienced Worcester, MA estate planning attorney today. 

Attorney John “Jack” P. Morrison: Estate Planning Lawyer in Worcester, MA

The one constant in life is change. I am Attorney Jack Morrison, and my Worcester and Clinton estate planning practice is dedicated to helping individuals and families make the necessary decisions to help them prepare for their future. If you have decided it’s time to plan ahead or have undergone a life-changing event, I invite you to check out my Massachusetts estate planning FAQS or read my Estate Planning Blog today. 

As a Worcester, MA estate planning attorney, I offer a free introductory meeting to discuss your particular situation. We call this “Your Estate Planning Wishes” meeting. The meeting is designed for individuals, such as yourself, who are looking to have an estate plan established. There is no cost or obligation. The meeting is designed to have an open discussion of your thoughts and concerns about estate planning: what’s involved in doing an estate plan, what’s the cost, what changes can be made, etc. To set up your “Your Estate Planning Wishes” meeting, just call Melanie today at (508) 852-7800 and ask to set up your meeting. 

Free Report: 10 Reasons Why You Must Have an Estate Plan

If you’re not ready for a consultation yet but still want more information, contact us to get a free special report, “10 Reasons Why You Must Have an Estate Plan.” This FREE report answers the many questions individuals and families have regarding an estate plan. If you don’t have an email address, simply call Melanie at (508) 852-7800 and provide a mailing address. A copy will be mailed to you the next business day. I look forward to speaking with you soon and helping you prepare for your future.  

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