The Fear of Death: Is This Phobia Holding You Back?

by Jack Morrison on July 12, 2011

Death is going to affect us all. Although many have tried to put off the inevitable by masking their fears of growing older with mid-life crises, daredevil stunts, or plastic surgery, our time on earth will come to an end someday. Many of us, while acknowledging it’s a hard fact to swallow, accept this fact of life. But there are others who are so overly fearful it impacts their day-to-day life and the decisions they make. So they avoid thinking about it at all. 

Your death impacts more than just you—it impacts your loved ones. That should be a powerful motivator for putting plans in place to make sure they are taken care of. If you refuse to deal with or accept death, you will put aside many important decisions that need to be made: funeral wishes, creating an estate plan and getting your finances in order. 

As one website dealing with fear rightfully states, 

“A healthy fear of death would be the fear of dying unprepared, as this is a fear we can do something about, a danger we can avert.” 

Here are a few tips you can use to quiet your fear of death:

  • Seek guidance from a professional. Talk out your fears and gain back control of your life.
  • Live life to the fullest. Living with no regrets is something only we can do for ourselves.
  • Explore the meaning of death and the afterlife with different religions. Sometimes it just takes a leap of faith.
  • Make plans to take care of your loved ones upon your passing. Creating an estate plan will provide you relief and peace rather than more anxiety or sadness.  

Be a planner. Make things happen. And enjoy the time you do have on this earth. 

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