How to Become A Client


Knowing that your legal and financial affairs are in order in the event of an unforeseen circumstance is an important lifetime goal. Setting up the necessary documentation to accomplish your goal is the first step. We like to think of this process as welcoming you to our family.

Two Easy Steps to Becoming a Client 

Step 1: Send Us a Request
Complete the form below and send to us requesting a meeting with Worcester, Mass Estate Planning Attorney Jack Morrison

Or, if you’re not good with forms, call our office at (508)852-7800 and ask for Melanie. She will obtain the necessary information and start the process. 

Step 2: Setting up an Appointment
Our office will contact you to set up an appointment to discuss your matter. The appointment can be over the telephone, or if you prefer, in our office. 

Once we have discussed your particular situation, and believe that we can help you, we establish the attorney-client relationship. Once we agree to provide legal representation, you will receive a Welcome Kit in the mail. The Welcome kit contains the office information (directions to the office, office hours and business cards). The kit also comes with an explanation of what to expect over the next few weeks so you understand and expect what’s about to happen. There is also a discount for other legal services that you can use or give to a friend. 

Welcome to the family.
Jack P. Morrison, Worcester, Mass Estate Planning Attorney